Carrefour Lebak Bulus

I always love to go to Carrefour. Why? Coz the it is bright and wide. It’s organized and I could see many things with various price and quality. I would compare them. The point is “I’m learning to be a good mother-mother (Baca: saya sedang belajar menjadi ibu-ibu yang baik). Heheh”.

And I always had this life connected with Carrefour Lebak Bulus. My family often go there for daily needs refill. I wait there if I have my father pick me from campus. My cousin works there as manager of whatever I couldn’t remember. And, I always laugh every time I go with my father there.

Funny actually, when my father bought a bag of orange…

We went to the “mbak-mbak penimbang buah”:

Mbak1    : (weighing)
Papa        : jeruknya dari mana mbak?
Mbak1    : (looking confused) err… import sih pak.. (but not sure, looking for help from mas-mas counter buah). Jeruknya dari manaaa siiiiih? (which is answered by a gesture of “i don’t know either, Aussie maybe”)
Mbak1     : dari Australia, Pak
Papa        : wah, jeruk impor bisa lebih murah dari jeruk lokal. Hebat juga ya

and there came the other “mbak-mbak penimbang buah” and joined the conversation as the hero. Wanting to help Mbak1, this one answered confidently:

Mbak1     : iya Pak, ini jeruk impor (trying to convince my father that these oranges had ever felt the cargo service of Australia airlines or ship)
Mbak2    : iya Pak. INTERLOKAL
Me           : haaa?
Mbak1     : Interlokaal… lu kira SLJJ


Haah… and today we shopped until 22.00. Carrefour already announced “We are going to close. Please pay your goods immediately (or else, we will still wait for you ’cause we couldn’t lock you inside this building)

and my father, initiatively, took some ice from box of cold beverages to clean his hands. My God… “mbak-mbak penjaga stand minuman” looked at my father curiously. “What the heck is that man doing?” and looked at me with the eyes of “You are his daughter? Why don’t you stop him?” Well, what can I do? ~Lalalalala~ too bad that I can’t deny that I’m his daughter. We are very look alike. Hahahah.

Papa   : numpang cuci tangan ya mbak (nyengir)
Mbak  : (bengong)

Now I know how could I have these genes of “tukang lawak” in my body.


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