I remembered my conversation with my friends one day about the fine of donating a beggar…

My friend : have government been out of their mind? Fining us for giving money to a beggar???
Me : (calmly) you would agree with government if you are living in my province.
My friend2 : and about those beggars and singing beggars, I don’t think they are disturbing us
Me : (calmly) you would agree with government if you are living in my province.

And once again, I noticed. They don’t take public transportation as often as I do.

Fact :
Government of DKI Jakarta forbids citizen to give money to beggars. Citizens are threatened to be fined for Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 20,000,000, or if you don’t have enough money to pay, 2 months jail would be enough. As usual, we, the sarcastic teens, are trying to be wise by discussing these things with open heart. AND, as usual, we are trying to be the opposite of government team. Our argument is: we are trying to form a better government.
Another fact :
I encountered those little beggars at public transportation today… three times. Two of them, were children, under age. And I noticed, no one was giving money to those children. I felt so terribly sorry for them. But I realized, this has been my commitment since I encountered so many of them and knowing that they have been used and treated unfairly. Today, I prayed “please wait a little longer, I’ll help you someday”

This rule of not giving money to beggars has been in my mind since last year. I really didn’t expect government to announce this rule. I agreed this is a controversial rule, but I can’t help to be forced to think as what Sutiyoso stated “This rule is applied so beggars won’t get an income from their activity and change their job immediately.”
My friends, once said, “Government is killing them!” I partly agreed. Government is killing them, for the sake of the next generation. It might sound so bad, but this rule is done so the “head” of beggars would stop doing their activities. I realized government had failed to find them, so they are forced to apply this rule.
I realized that those beggars would be more suffered, or, for meaner word, “Sacrifice”. Should they be sacrificed for the sake of the better generation? Will this give bad image to the government? Will this kind of decision decrease the morale of the country? Sacrificing others for the sake of others?
My friend asked me, will the result of this rule gave well impact to the beggars itself? How if instead of getting a better job, they turned into criminals? Well, my answer was, this will depend on how well the government manage the other rules to increase the prosperity of the beggars. I’m not sure either, but I know, there is always a way.
This rule is a kind of strict act from government. There will always be a contra opinion towards this. I know this is not the best rule, but this is better than doing nothing or commenting what government has done like me and my friends were doing, or like what those politicians in government are doing right now, commenting everything. (We might become a prosper politicians someday)



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