My Garden

Yeey! Thanks to Microsoft Word 2007 yang begitu fabulous, gw ga usah masuk2 wordpress kalo mau ngepost blog. Yup. Jadi sekarang tinggal ngetik di Word, trus klik publish. Dan terkirimlah ke sana tulisan saya. (ga jadi, akhir2nya setelah ngirim pake Ms. Word, gw tetep harus ngebenerin di wordpress juga. kucabut kembali kata2ku. hmph)

So today, saya mau pamer rumah saya. Halaah… or lebih tepatnya pamer kebun saya.

Yesterday was still a holiday… It was raining… and I got nothing to do. So I decided to dance in the rain (seriously). After begging for a while, I got permission to feel the rain, after a long time… I dance… and dance… it feels so romantic..

(I just hate Jakarta’s rain. it’s just… the rain seemed fail to erase the pollution…)

After the rain, my garden always appears so fresh… See? Welcome to my place. It is my father and mother who take care of it. The photo besides called “Wundani” and they do smell good. J

My garden is on the third floor (or maybe 2,5th floor), since I am living on hill side, my garden is on the higher place as well. (so I could see everyone’s rooftops from my garden)

I’ve taken some pictures, so feel free to look at it. (Too bad I didn’t take the picture of my star fruits. They are like 25 cm tall. We don’t use whatever they call hormone, they just grow naturally)

Garden path, as you can see :D

Sorry for the low quality picture anyway, my hand phone is not quite good. *sob*, but anyway, picture on the left is “Nona Makan Sirih” flower, we don’t have “Nona Makan Sate or whatever” (As if it exist :p)

This one is yah… Kembang Sepatu from Bangkok (but we bought it at Cibodas, not at Bangkok).

A strange flower. My mother doesn’t know what it is. But my neighbor said that it is used to prevent curse… huhahaha, you can contact me if you need one.









“Pacar Air” plant. (Sorry for the blur thing, just can’t do much with my hand phone)







The bud of “Kembang Sepatu”

Both of these are called Euphorbia. There are various colors for these species. I guess we coincidentally succeeded to have the hybrid one





You can see Aglaonema on the center of the photo (behind Daun Giok), but I don’t know the name of the species.

The leftmost plant that is cut on the picture is “Tanaman Pengusir Nyamuk”. It is called so because of the smell, but maybe it can really chase away mosquitoes… hmmm…

The orange pot contains “Daun Giok”, and right besides it called Tricolor leaves

Yep, that’s it. There are more pictures that I want to show you, but these are pictures that my mother considered the best, so I placed it as a sign of gratitude (and I have to save my speedy quota as well, this is the third time I tried to post this blog). Thanks to my mother and father who have take care of the garden, thanks to the rain, thanks to me, thanks to my hand phone, and thanks to God. Amen… I’m going to sleep. Next destination is Taman Kota. Too bad I can’t bring my father’s camera… but I’ll just try my best to take good pictures. Thank you ^^V


2 thoughts on “My Garden

  1. first of all…i’m confused with the layout…seriously…it’s a total mess fi….emm,actually ur pics aren’t that bad but u’re too lazy to post-production them in the photoshop,hhe….

    u’ve a very very very colorful garden i thought…i’ve somekind like that actually in my own crib, but somehow i prefer enjoy it with sitting around and daydreaming…hhe..nice way to have ur holiday…hhe

  2. yes, well, thank you to “What You See is What You Almost Got” from Ms. Word. The real layout in my laptop is faaar faaar neater than THIS ONE. so, sorry for the “Total Mess” thing.

    FYI, this has been my 5th attempt in recovering the layout. I got so frustated, and it ate my Speedy quota. hix3. and it was 1:00 in the morning, so I thought “whatever…”

    anw, thank you for the comment. This is the first time I posted a blog with bunch of pics (jadi ya mo’on maap untuk kehancuran yang terjadi :) ). have a nice holiday!

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