Monday, June 16, 2008 –dawn-

Gosh… I’m feeling a lil’ bit uneasy suddenly… so I thought I’m gonna pass it on my blog. A moment ago someone said “Gud lak” to me… and suddenly I CAN’T SLEEP. – -; now what could be happening…?


Okay… here’s the thing… I was joining ACM/ICPC today. And guess what. … what? … … … haah… I could not write it. hahahahaha. What could be worse than that? I realized that I’m more into this programming thing. Yay! And I’m now majoring in Information System major, which will give me more chance to study this ‘programming’ stuff outside the class freely and happily –no need to worry about my passion, I love studying new thing, especially cool updated IDE and frameworks where you can use them and do some kind of show off to my friends. bwahahaha- (since IS major is a quite relaxing major, emm. Not really, I’m going to become busy bee until next year doing ‘databases and stuff’), and I’m hoping to gain more experience and new happiness (lho?). And hey, talking about happiness, I haven’t found my soulmate. And yet, I see a lot of “potential successful programmers in the future”. Should I pick one? :P. Naaaah… I’m not an expert in chasing guys (like I ever did it! sorry, I’m not interested. never ever and ever, guys should do the chase ;)). Anyway, let’s just go on with living, okay.


Talking about programming, as 98% of my classmates hate it (I’m deadly serious, only 3 students including me are interested in doing such coding thing. So sad… hiks), I was thinking where I would take my life journey after that ^ competition? > <; since I’m still playing with RoR, and can’t let go of it yet (hohoho. attached mode on)… but… I realized I love those algorithms stuff… damn… I was like a kid feeling excited after hearing various creative ways of solving all problems in ICPC today. And I know I was feeling so excited when I look at cheat sheet prepared by my friend… sin cos tan… I miss you. *I’m feeling like a geek right now. Oh never mind*. Now I know that I love math. =D

I missed those days when I have to compete with other schools… ='(… it’s saddening since I only won once or twice… Hahahaha. But although I think I’m not as good as others and sometimes I do think about quitting… =). But putting your passion into something you like is not that bad actually. I’m enjoying this life really. I don’t care about my past failure. It won’t determine my future success anyway (well, in someway yes, but in someway, no =P).


I must admit there’s one bad habit I can’t get rid of… which is working during nights =P. I somehow got inspiration during nights, when I can be more concentrated, I can do everything fast during nights, I think well during nights… but the bad thing is, I never use my brain to think in the morning… or more to say, I can’t do thinking in the morning. I always have bad marks for morning quizzes… hiks… (Exception: in final exam, I don’t have to study a lot during nights, so I wake up fresh and do them well. Yeah)

So the problem is… I slept quite late, which make me think slowly during days. THAT IS A PROBLEM. That’s why some call me “lemot”. Err… and the WORSE PROBLEM IS I can’t sleep in the class (should it be a problem?), which of course prevents me to sleep during days. In the end, I slept for couple hours only every day.

So, next changing… first, SLEEP WELL, STUDY WELL, HAVE A HEALTHY LIFE (failed already. It’s 2:36 a.m in the morning right now, never mind, I’ll start tomorrow). Second, MAKE UP MY MIND (currently in a long progress), third… I’ll think of it later on… I’m getting sleepy, my head hurts… but my uneasy feeling has gone. (What did I write anyway, it’s not like something interesting or important. Hmm…)


And lastly, I want to say that I’m very happy meeting people who share same interests with me. =). Thanks God I’m not alone…



2 thoughts on “Monday, June 16, 2008 –dawn-

  1. your should have join computer science rather then information system then. here u will find how those sin cos tan used in programming or the other way. =p

  2. haha. i prefer t0 learn them by myself, sometimes i thought the subjects university force me to learn will make me hate the subject itself. ahaha. since sometimes they teach unimportant thing… and technology is updated every day, i don’t think i can depend on my lecturers to improve my skills.
    and please bear in mind, i love those business subjects as well, =D. so i might be really fit in IS. ;)

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