Melb, 23 Feb 2009

Currently Listening to: Christmas Carol (Jazz Improvisation)

These days I feel like I’m living in an RPG town, same people come and pass by on the same time, it’s fun to enjoy the new feeling as I try to settle in. One of the problem is my language orientation is becoming quite messed up. Haha. Sometimes i speak english, sometimes i speak khe, although i still mostly speak indonesia with my other friends so others wouldn’t be able to eavesdrop. We have a bad habit of commenting on people passing by through. Ahaha. I definitely speak English with shop owners, and i wouldn’t mind speaking khe with them only if she/he is willing to give me another discount. :P *cheapskate*. I also managed to understand some chinese language, so sometimes I understand what those chinese students were saying. *Like when they are talking about us and such…* Unfortunately i can’t understand what those korean and japanese students were talking about. Thailand and India is also uncomprehendable. Australian english accent? Hmm. That’s okay with me. :D.

Nothing’s particular in today’s blog. I woke up at 8.00 p.m, realizing that the sky has not been really dark, it was like 6.00 p.m. sky in my hometown, and the night always goes faster than the day. No wonder they have those skin cancer clinics. I have been in sunlight for more than 6 hours. I must be getting really darker, but well, that’s the part of this life to be enjoyed fully. And it is the consequences I have to accept because the choice of going outdoor is in myself to decide. Sometimes the damn weather will turn into 30 celcius, and I still keep walking because there’s no other choice. It takes about 200 to 300 metres to arrive at my new flat from the university main building. I am going to rent a bike. Yay! The air here is so nice, no pollution, fresh from heaven. I never mind waking up early just to feel the morning breeze.

Yesterday i walked to Federation Square, there are many people gathering, watching for the memorial day of the bushfire victims in large LCD screen. Almost cried when they sang Halleluya, amazed when there are five different religionist representatives came to speak out. I remember their words, echoing around the square… it was something like “we can rebuild, we cannot resurrect the dead, what goes by, let it goes by…”, and I prayed for them instantly.

Yup, as Ross had just said (we’ve just met downstair and said goodbye), Australia is a beautiful country, if you’ve time to go outside victoria, try to visit another part of Australia. Hope i’ll be able to do that.


*gile, belom kuliah udah mimpi jalan-jalan lagi. :P. Anw, besok pindahan rumah. Siap-siap ah. Senangnya punya ruang tamu yang bisa diatur sendiri… :D*

– Done –


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