OMG. I’m going to be late tomorrow

I haven’t sleep rite now. and it’s 1:23… i just remember something very important that i haven’t done today, which is… my good dream. I haven’t have a good dream recently. Every dream is so weird. Like that sudden weird dream I told my friends (which was a curse that is spelled on me from my two friends. It did happened!!). and i don’t really know whether my sixth sense is still working fine right now… i don’t really know. so I’ll just hope for the best, and not to forget… Pray and have a chat with The One Who Is Watching Me from Above.

yeah, and today, I dreamt of a new NP complete problem… WTH… zzz… and I dreamt of a way to solve my coding bugs. … *that’s why i don’t like to have bugs hanging around my codes… coz I might dream of the solution the next day, or worse, I even did not be able to solve it in my dream, and I wake up tired and mad to myself*

and yet, today’s dream help me to solve the bug problem in my codes, but at 12:00 p.m. I found another bug… argh…

I really hope I have a good dream tonite. please pray for me. Amen.

So… gudnite. don’t let the bad bugs bite ;).


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