It’s our buses!

One of my favourite stories in Ozi this last two months is to tell my friends about buses in Indonesia. All my friends have never known how Indonesia looks like. They would just complain about bus drivers in Ozi which drive too fast, too impatient, or even complain because there are bus stops in Ozi.

Whenever they complained, I always said “Try to go to Indonesia ;)”.

Buses here have ticketing facilities. Buses here have bus stops! Buses here travel fast!! You should be grateful about that :)).

me: “In Indonesia, we don’t have bus stops :D. People can jump in and jump down wherever they like”
they: “ahahahaha” (I know they think they would love to try that)
me: “In Indonesia, we don’t buy tickets, so there is a man walking in the bus asking for money :D”
a: “ahh!!! it’s the same as in China” (ada keneknya juga, tapi mereka beli tiket bus sih)
me: “and in Indonesia, when we want to go down, we stand, and we knock at the bus roof.”
they: “woaaah…?”
b: “why don’t tell the driver?”
me: “because the driver can’t hear you :))…”
me: “yeah, or tell the man (the kenek), and he will use the coin to knock on the glasses”
they: “whaat? hahaha”
me: “and when you want to go down, you have to jump! because sometimes the bus is still moving, and the man will shout *jump with your left foot!! jump with your left foot!!!*. and if you don’t jump with your left foot, you will fall down!”
they: “whoooooaoaaa???. so in Indonesia, you jump off the bus?? you actually do that????”
me: “yeah, things like that ;). that’s the style of jumping. B-) *bangga gitu gw, gak penting padahal*”
b: “(tell another friend) hey, in Indonesia, you jump off the bus. :D”

yeah, we jump off the bus. hahaha.

And now, one of my friends say, “yeah, now everytime someone is complaining about buses in Australia, I always tell them — try to go to China or Indonesia — :))”



2 thoughts on “It’s our buses!

  1. hahahahaa….. meskipun g ngak pernah naik bus di indo… tapi g setuju dgn kata2.. manusia emang ngak da puasnya… org2 suka yg complain ttg bus atau train… mrk musti ke indo buat nyoba bus/microlet dan kereta kelas ekonomi yg duduk di atas gerbongnya…

    org sg juga.. meskipun system bus dan mrt udah hebat gitu.. masih complain.. complain… kl ngak complain kayanya mulut gatel.. hahahaha… :)

    thanks for the story.. hilarious.. i love it

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