My Child is Studying!

today, I had to meet my friend at his campus. So after I finished enrolling my courses in my campus, I went straight away to wait for metromini no 102 (the fastest bus I’ve ever known, drivers always trying to cut the line). Because we don’t have bus stop near my campus (wait, we never have bus stops for 102), so I decided to wait anywhere.

It was so hot today. I stood near a coffee shop (don’t imagine a nice coffee shop with a nice building, it’s just a table, with a simply-made plastic-roof). The shopkeeper don’t mind at all having me standing near the table waiting for the bus.

Suddenly, a trashpicker passed by. The trashpicker is a woman in her middle-age. She brought a big sack of rubbish, and another two medium size sacks of rubbish. She caught my attention because the shopkeeper was teasing her, but she didn’t hear her and keep walking around. I was thinking at that time “what a pity, i was studying in a very expensive uni and this woman has to survive by picking trash in such a hot weather”…

The shopkeeper realized that I was paying my attention to the trashpicker, she said “she has a child studying in his 8th semester at Jogjakarta :)” … the shopkeeper was smiling proudly as if she is the one who feed the child. I looked at her. unbelievable.

The shopkeeper laughed seeing my face, she said “you can try to tease her :P. I like to tease her, stop working already~, and she would be very angry and screaming – my child is studying on his 8th semester!! -“… and the shopkeeper laughed again.

I looked at the trashpicker again, suddenly the woman seems to be more than a trashpicker to me. She’s such a great mother, a great hero… and the bus passed by. I set off from the place I stood, bringing such a great story in my mind… what a nice day! I thought.

I wouldn’t mind standing outside with such a hot weather and polluted air if I could get such a great story everyday…

– piece of story. August 20, 2009, Senayan –

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