Nostalgic Song – Part 1: Mandarin Drama Series

Part 1 would be my very nostalgic Mandarin Drama Series OST. I can’t find all of them on youtube, so I’ll just post anything I can find.

1. Meteor Garden : 2001

I think everyone knows this one :)). it’s a story about a teenage girl named Sancai who goes to university for rich people. To cut the long story short, she met four annoying handsome teenage boy who dominated the university because of their parent’s richness. they are called F4.. a.k.a. Flower 4…(?)… I know that this kind of life setting wouldn’t happen in real life, because whoever F4 is, they will be hated by the whole school, and maybe they could have gotten into jail as a result of bullying students. BUT anyway -__-…  this drama was aired in 2001, when I was still in my teenage age, and I do love four handsome men brought together in one package (hehehe). As for the most remembered song, I choose Harlem Yu – Qing Fei De Yi, because the song is catchy and relaxing.

Listen to “Qing Fei De Yi”

2. Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng / Kabut Cinta / Romance in the Rain : 2001

The drama is an adaptation of Chiung Yao’s novel, which tells about Lu ZhenHua family and his complicated family stories. The drama is ended as happy ending, although in the real novel, it didn’t end up as happily as in the drama :(. I got very shocked when I read the novel because the story is totally different in the end. *sigh*. but anw, I remembered this drama is aired when I was in my second year of Junior High School. During that time, I would diligently go home earlier so I can have a rest for a moment before I watched it at Indosiar channel at 5 o’clock everyday V^^V . here goes the opening song, titled “Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng”

3. Huan Zhu Ge Ge / Princess Pearl : 1998

I think I’m only like 11 or 12 when I watched this.

Remember Ziwei and Xiao Yanzi? This drama is my favorite drama series more than anything else. I watched this like 2-3 times XD. The center of attention is Princess Huan Zhu of Qing Dinasty. It is a very long drama series as I remembered because it has like 3 series. I only watched the first two series though because the interesting part is only the first series which is the real adaptation of Chiung Yao’s another novel.. (EDIT: my friend said that the second series also adapted from the novel) and because I’m too lazy to tell the story, here’s the link to Wikipedia:

as part of the nostalgic song, here’s the first and second opening theme song. I guess the first song is trying to describe ZiWei more, while the second song is more into Xiao Yanzi (listen to the cheerful tone of the song).

HUAN ZHU GE GE first opening theme song

HUAN ZHU GE GE second opening theme song

4. Qing Qing He Bian Cao / Selembut Kasih / Green Green Grass By The River : 1996

I really did not remember the story, but I remembered the look of the character, and I am amazed that I remembered the lyric perfectly!!! let’s see. I was only in my elementary school and used to watch the drama on the afternoon after school everyday. after that there’s another drama too, with a good song also, too bad i don’t remember the song :(… i’ll get back to you when I remember. anyway, here you go, see if you know this one.

that’s all for now, can you mention any mandarin drama you used to watch when you were small? :D



2 thoughts on “Nostalgic Song – Part 1: Mandarin Drama Series

  1. hahahaaa…semua juga gw tonton filmnya.. ;p
    eniwey, yg PHZ yg bener2 adaptasi dr novelnya itu yg yg series I n II, yg series III nya baru si produser atau sutradaranya ngeyel bikin cerita ala sinetron.. >___<
    gw suka Mung Linya PHZ ^O^

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