Dunkin’ Donut’s Special Breakfast

This is regular menu for me and my friends every saturday. haha. It’s cheap and fit for breakfast, with Rp. 13,000 we get hot tea / hot coffee and white toast / croissant sandwich. I love the taste of the cheese combined with fresh tomato slice and onion *nyem*…

(sorry for bad resolution, all photos are taken from Handphone)

croissant sandwich and hot coffee

white toast sandwich and hot tea

as for the tea … I have tried quite a lot of lipton tea’s collection… but in my tongue, they still can’t defeat black tea from Prendjak… :D

anyway, I got to choose from 4 types of tea they provide, if i’m not mistaken, it’s English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, and Green Tea Jasmine(?). I’ve never tried Green Tea Jasmine, but so far English Breakfast is the nicest for me, Earl Grey tasted like herbal tea (I feel like drinking medicine… ugh), Darjeeling… hmm… not interested.

yup, that’s all for food review at Dunkin’s, hope to come with another food review soon! haha…


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