Backyard Garden

Okay, here’s another backyard garden photos that I found on my computer. Before I forgot and dumped them on my dvd, let me post it here for my documentation

I don’t have many photos with me because currently we don’t plant anything due to heavy rainy season. so I only have several photos of chrysanthemum, ‘kembang sepatu’ (what? shoe flower? lol), ‘ubi ungu’ (okay how do we call this one? purple sweet potato?? hahaha), and huge ‘labu air’ (call this water pumpkin or what =)) ). okay whatever the name are… here goes.

-oOo— Chrysanthemum —oOo-

-oOo— Labu Air —oOo-

my family spent a week to eat one whole plant >.<… The tallest ‘labu air’ in my garden is about 3/4 of my leg length. and we have plenty of this! and because we can’t eat all of them, we decided to give them to our neighbors…

this is the ‘labu air’ flower, my mother said that this is the flower which failed to grow…

-oOo— Ubi Ungu —oOo-

This is ‘ubi ungu’ plant. the ‘ubi ungu’ stayed on the root. last month we harvested them… and believe me. it’s hard to be a farmer >.<… I spent half hour to dig the soil, and I have to make sure that I didn’t damage the plant. Nevertheless, it was very fun. This is my first time harvesting ‘ubi ungu’, and we got about 20 ‘ubi ungu’ :D

and that’s all for the photos. My brother has been very mad at me for uploading those photos because I slowed down the internet, so I’m going to stop here. thank you for reading :)

Here is another posts about my garden:

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses. ~Hanna Rion


6 thoughts on “Backyard Garden

  1. @some@one: thank you :D

    @aprilins: thank you. kecubung ya? hmm oke2 nanti dicoba juga… :D

    @d3nny193: udah abis wakakakaka. Sekarang sih ada nanem yang baru tapi blm bertunas lagi, sabar ye :D. Chrysan bisa ditanam pake tunas, dia gampang tumbuh kok asal dapat matahari yang cukup. Disarankan sih ditanam di tanah, jangan di pot. :)

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