Shaolin 2011 Soundtrack – Wu (Enlightenment)

sudah lama tidak menonton film bagus, ketika menemukan film bagus dengan soundtrack bermakna, mata jadi berkaca-kaca *cengeng*

lirik bisa didapatkan di sini

dan ini beberapa quote yang gw suka dari video tersebut:

  • By three methods we may learn wisdom...
    First... by reflection, which is noblest
    Second... by imitation, which is easiest
    and third... by experience, which is the bitterest
    - confucius
  • An unconditional heart brings great blessing with no boundary
    Without boundaries, our fragile lives are all connected 
    through love

and in the end,

In this live of ours, everything's interconnected, 
and it takes only a split second to look back
Let me plant a seed of good will 
and walk down this road of life together with you

selamat menikmati lagu ini :)


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