In Defense of Humanities

Karena beberapa hari terakhir ini kecanduan nonton video Stanford, mari gw share satu video dari John Landy, co-director of Stanford’s Philosophy and Literature Initiative “Spending time in the presence of works of great beauty can powerfully change your life,”

dan seperti biasa, ada beberapa kata-kata yang gw suka dari ceramah dia:

  • … Don’t major in economics. Let me rephrase that, do major in economics if you love economics . There’s plenty of reasons to love it and it is a fascinating field, and it is a very important field, in fact more than ever. It’s a vital field. So by all means, please major in economics, but don’t major in economics if your parents told you to, or if you think that you can’t get a good job without it.
  • … You will find your work becoming increasingly specialized as u get better and better at one thing. You will never again have the chance to have long conversation with your fellow brilliant Stanford students and your eager professor about the meaning of life. and I want to tell you that these conversation are the point of spending four years here.
  • … University isn’t there to train you for professions. University is there to train you to become who you are. as John Adams would say, it’s not about how to make a living, it’s about how to live. It’s not about how to live longer, it’s about how you live and why.
  • … Your career will still be there waiting for you when you live. but it begins in four years, not now. These four years are like a shining oasis in your life, where you get to do what you want, just to think, free from all those silly concerns about money, bosses, all that crap.
  • These four years is probably your last opportunity to gain a detail in depth understanding of subjects you really interested in. and they are probably your best opportunity to learn what it is you really care about. to learn who it is that you really are
  • I wanna ask everybody else, when you make money, what you’re gonna with that? I mean the questions very seriously. how you’re going to spend it. what would be the best way to make yourself happy and fulfilled? What is actually going to make you happy? Are you going to avoid making mistakes that you’ll regret for very long time and you’re at least going to learn to learn from your mistakes. Are you going to be able to stay off that middle life crisis?
  • … To quote W.E.B Dubois. the true college will ever have but one goal – not to earn meat, but to know the end and aim of that life which meat nourishes.
  • … and if your parents still give you a hard time, send them to me.

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