Nostalgic Song – Part 2: Traditional mix Modern Instruments

Continuing the post of part 1, now I will share about several Traditional mix Modern Instruments Songs I listen to in the ol’ days (i’m an old woman already…) anyway, enjoy :)

1. Jia Peng Fang – Cherry Blossoms

Well, I have one whole set of Jia Peng Fang’s album, he plays Erhu, which I called as two string guitar (it looks like one…). In this video, you can hear the combination of Erhu and Keyboard creating a melancholic atmosphere the same time you listen to the song. (aaaahh… my mood swings >.<)


2. Chaba – Parade

After listening to mellow songs, let’s get to more-western-mood songs! I heard this song when I was still consuming Naruto as my daily food (hahaha). As I’m very fond of these kind of mixed songs, I found this song very nice for my ear in no time. Too bad the band was already dismissed :(…

Instruments used: Shamisen, Violin (yay!), Drum/Bass/(Whatever, I can’t differentiate :P)


3. Monkey Majik feat Yoshida Brothers – Change

and more western style feat traditional style! My brother and I was the fan of Yoshida Brothers and Monkey Majik because of this :D. and of course, Yoshida Brothers are two famous Shamisen instrumental players. (browse their songs in Youtube)

Instruments used: Shamisen, full set of band instruments (drum, guitar, etc)


4. Gamelan Indo – Mission Impossible

or “Misi… Nggak… Mungkin” :D… hohoho, I can’t possibly love Shamisen and Erhu but forgetting my own homeland traditional instruments. so here, I give you permission to listen to “Gamelan” style of Mission Impossible with any instrument available there (including my childhood toy! hahaha)


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