Love is not love until it is given away – Christmas Note

It is a sweet story I heard during the last week sermon at church.

It was christmas time and children at school were prepared to do a drama of Jesus-birth. Among the children, there was one child who wanted to play as a shepherd so he can carry the sheep. But because his body is considered huge compared to other children, he was assigned to be the scary inn-keeper who chased away Joseph and Mary. He was sad, but he had no choice. In the end, he still did his part very well during rehearsal.

So christmas finally came. Parents were coming to see the drama played by their lovely hardworking children. Then it came to the scene where the inn-keeper chased away Joseph and Mary when they were looking for a room to stay. The inn-keeper did a great job to chase away Joseph and Mary, and he turned away after that.

But something happened. Mary started to cry to Joseph, and it was not in the script.

The inn-keeper was surprised when he heard that Mary was crying. He stopped. Suddenly, he turned back and approached them.

He said “It is true that I had no room for you two…”
He was silent for a moment.

“… but you can use my room.”

Audience laughed. Yes, the story went side-tracked, but I bet everyone was touched by this sweet boy kindhearted act.

And inspired by this lovely inn-keeper who gave up his room for other people, the story becomes our Christmas message this year: remember, “Love is not love until it is given away”

Merry Christmas everyone :)


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