Cinderella as a Secret Agent

“Prince Charming” has just logged in.

Enter Password: ******


I found this Royal Archive document of my own Kingdom, and I can’t help but to comment on it. Seriously, who would set a super simple password like six stars ****** for Royal Archive??? Everybody would have been able to guess that you stupid book keeper.

Anyway… Seriously this is cool! My girlfriend is a Secret Agent! Woo-hooooo

– Signed, Prince Charming… [love][love][love]


Owh cool, so she did have that ‘bluetooth’ technology. I wonder that it has something to do with that fat madam fairy… maybe she was a tooth-fairy originally, huh? hmm…

Anyway, looking at the cost of this stuff, It was kinda… luxurious, remember that super expensive horse carriage called Ferrari that I just bought?… hmm… this gadget cost a little bit cheaper than that Ferrari thing.


This poison needle seems very dangerous… No wonder she always says she will paralyze me in second if I act like a snob.

Ugh… if she found out I was sending letter to everyone about who she is actually… … okay. next time I should refrain myself from hugging her from behind…

right hand

Ah I see… so I should be very careful when I hold her hands… who knows I might pull a trigger somewhere… hmm… interesting.

Oh my God… This is even…


I knew something was wrong when I found that shoe, you know… what kind of shoe that has a trigger… right… ??

oooohhh… this damn shoe is far more expensive than my lovely Ferrari! Hmph! That’s why they refused to buy me a that ultra expensive pig carriage – Lamborghini Deluxe!!! They spent the money to buy this shoe…!!!

I’m going to complain to father after this. heheh.


“Prince Charming” has just logged out.

There… I just fulfilled my weekly challenge Open-mouthed smile, It was a random topic that my friend and I decided to write weekly. My friend’s part of the story can be seen here

By the way, those gadgets do exist, you can even buy some of them online *wink*


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