Passion, Another Look

I’ve posted this once on my Facebook page sometime ago. But I found it again on my WordPress draft because I unconsciously set a rule on IFTTT to save every post I put on my Facebook page to my WordPress draft section. Whoa… You can do that? Yes, you can.

But it is no use. I ended up deleting every drafts that are saved because I have nothing to say about it…

Anyway, this is my new perspective about the word PASSION. If you followed my blog closely just like I did ( <<– narcissistic type ), you would realize I like to use the word PASSION. It is the same PASSION word that is now discussed in the video below.

The content of the video focused on how many people would say to the speaker in the video

“I don’t know what my passion is, you know… can you help me find my passion? so then I’ll know what to do next”

and the answer is…?

We don’t think it’s a great question

Then the speaker continued to add that research says maybe only two or three out of ten people actually have a passion that they’ve identified that they can work into.

“We find that passion turns out to be what you develop after you find the things that you enjoy doing”

So yeah, Steve Jobs might have the passion. He might be three out of those ten people. Are you included in the three?

If you are not… Bill Burnett and Dave Evans have a suggestion “Don’t try to decide your way forward; just do something.” Try something that you are interested in. Go find the nearest things that interest you. It could be a volunteering project, it could be joining a rock climbing club, it could be running a marathon, it could be joining a cooking class, it could be drawing cartoon, it could be joining toastmasters, it could be playing chess. If it still doesn’t work, keep going. They said, these sequence of actions are all part of your life design process because you are basically designing concepts of your own life.

Sounds interesting?

I would recommend you to watch the video below :)


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